For our first year wedding anniversary, I surprised my husband to a voucher for 2 on a two hour sailing trip with Adventures in Sailing around Mount Pleasant and Charleston, SC. I found out about them from a TravelZoo promotion. It was a nice, relaxing time. I really like the fact that it's BYOB so we were able to bring our beverage of choice with us. We also brought some snacks to munch on. We thought 2 hours was going to breeze by really fast but it was ample time. We were the first group of customers that they used a spinnaker for. See what the spinnaker from our cruise looked like below. It was rainbow colored. It helps with sailing the boat when there is no wind.

It turns out the captains of our sailboat: Mike and Michele actually live on the boat. They also have a pet dog as their sidekick named Scooter. He was a very cute 20 pound puppy. 

We were on the boat with 2 other couples so there were a total of 8 people on the boat (including the captains). We did not know the couples. It was definitely a semi-private boat and it was easy to converse with everyone there. I highly suggest it. My husband and I had a nice time. We made great memories. Here's the picture of the sunset from the boat below.

Here's the image of the spinnaker.