In 2000, I applied to SDSU (a 4 year college) as a junior in high school and remembered how the waiting period was nerve-wreaking because I don't find out until January of the next year as a senior. I got accepted to the school (awesome) in 2001 and then proceeded to graduate with my bachelor degree in 2006.

Now, it's 2013 and I am considering going back to school so I applied to FDTC (my local college) last Monday and turned in my application to the Health Services department today for the program I am interested in enrolling, which is radiology technology. I forgot how how much paperwork I had to read, prepare and apply to ensure I didn't miss any steps. It's a lot of work already! I don't find out if I get accepted until June, so about 2 and a half months later. I hope I get accepted.

I started looking into radiology schools earlier this month so it was not long ago; and then found out that my local college has a deadline coming up in 4 weeks to turn in an application! What luck! I feel fortunate that I looked into this at the right time so I started researching on their requirements and applied online to register as a student and then called the health services department to ask for their requirements. They require high school transcripts and SAT scores (test has to be taken within 5 years). I graduated from high school over 12 years ago!! Luckily, the high school transcript and SAT score requirements are waived if I have a bachelor degree. PHEW! Thanks God! I guess it's looking like all of this is in my favor so far. The application to get specifically into radiology technology had to be turned in in person, which I really like because sometimes mail get lost. They gave me a receipt notice with the date and signature of when it was turned in to verify as proof. I really like this a lot. I feel a sense of accomplishment.

However, I still need to have an official transcript sent from SDSU to FDTC. I went online 2 days ago to order an official transcript to be mailed to FDTC. It was $7. Not bad. SDSU told me they sent it and so it's just a matter of days when FDTC will receive it.

I feel really good today about all of this. As I was driving to school, I looked into the empty hall ways and can really picture myself being there. I am getting excited and hope everything works out well.