As I am going through another life crisis, I've decided to go back to school to learn another trade. I know I want to get into the medical field and it's just a matter of timing and getting my ducks in a row.

At first, I wanted to apply for the Sleep Technician program from Florence-Darlington Technical College but after 10 email exchanges between their office and me, they finally told me that they've cancelled the program due to lack of attendance. Hey, things do happen unexpectedly so I had to cross that off my list.

Now, I am trying to apply for the Radiologic Technology Program. I called the lady from the Health Services department and she was helpful and sweet as a pea. Then I had to call admissions to clarify on applying online for a student ID (because that's what the checklist from the school told me to do - to call them) and the admissions lady was not very nice. I asked the admissions lady for the address of where the transcript should be mailed to. Not only she did not reply with an address, she told me it's on the website. So I have to go back to look at the website instead of getting that address from her. I thought the admissions office would want to help me get admitted? For some reason, I was an inconvenience to her. Maybe she's having a bad day. It's so unfortunate. I don't think she was an advisor. They would've been a lot nice than that and not so snappy.

I hope you guys have a better experience because I know getting all the ducks in a row when you find out about last minute items (because of life circumstances) is already hard and stressful. Good luck! Don't give up, even when there are mean people in this world.