We went to Chutnee (located on Palmetto St) for the first time yesterday and apparently they just re-opened with a new owner in March 2013. We really liked the service and they give you this free taco shell with every entree. I've always find Indian food very fascinating as a lot of spices go into play for just one dish. However, my stomach can't take Indian food well because of the acidic flavors but once in a while, it is a great treat for me. My husband and I ordered the Chicken Tikka, Lamb Curry and the Samosas. We loved every dish and will come again. I drank a glass of milk the minute I got home because my stomach was getting upset from the spices. Indian food does that to me. We will be back to visit Chutnee again!
 This is the inside of Chutnee
Chicken Tikka that we ordered