Usually it takes at least 3 strikes for me to give a restaurant a bad review. This was our first time trying their Chinese food and what got us to drive to 2nd Loop for this is because we saw online that they have a very inexpensive lunch menu. 

First strike took place when they gave me the wrong thing. Soup or egg roll comes as a choice for your lunch entree as it said on the menu. I told the guy who took my order for egg drop soup but he gave me an egg roll instead. Maybe he heard me wrong but here me out for the other strikes. 

Second strike is when I ask for a glass of water, they don't let me have it but gives us only one option to buy them for $.75. I know it's only $.75 but every other Chinese restaurant always offer a glass of water for free. 

Third strike is when after we agree to buy the two waters, they don't hand them to us. The lady handed us our food and when we asked for the waters, she pointed back to say that we get them from the cooler ourselves. It's very weird service since it's only steps from her and she could easy go above and beyond to hand this to us. We didn't want to be rude and just barrage their cooler.

The flavor of the dishes were okay but we wish for what we paid, we could have gone to a buffet for cheaper. We're NOT coming back here again.