There is a fenced dog park at David H McLeod Park located at:
620 S Santiago Dr
Florence, SC 29501

This dog park at David H Mcleod Park has a really nice tranquil pond. Just a slight hover over the water and you'll see dozens of fishes. They don't have a water fountain but my dog really likes to drink out of the pond water. He's been there 3 times now and hasn't had a stomachache from it. (see pictures below)

Visitors aren't allowed to fish here anymore so that's great news for the dogs. Another dog owner said they removed the alligator that was in the pond last year so that problem has been fixed as well. Bring your own bags in case the bags run out at the park. 

We really like this dog park for our puppy. There are covered areas with benches for dog owners to sit and there are also benches around the area under pretty shady trees. It's a nice place to reflect and relax. We also like that there's no segregation for small dogs vs big dogs. All dogs are allowed in one area. 

Entrance of dog park

The park is under surveillance

Once inside the dog park, you see a beautiful pond with tall trees

Pond Rules

Patio area for dog owners inside the dog park

It is such a beautiful dog park and we're lucky we have this here in Florence, SC
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