My husband and I went to Thai House 2 located on Dargan St. for lunch and I feel that the food in the day time is fresher than the last time we were there for dinner. 

The great thing about coming for lunch is that a complimentary salad is included with your meal. The salad is small but it's nice to have something to munch on while you're waiting for your entree. It's also pretty fresh. 

My husband ordered the mango duck that came that was under the lunch special and I ordered the Thai House Noodles Soup with duck. I guess we were both in the mood for duck this morning. You can tell when you bite into the duck that it was not fresh but pre-frozen. They fried it up to cook it up but I could still taste the frost taste. Nonetheless, the broth of my soup was decent so I finished the whole thing. My husband also gobbled his whole meal up really quickly. I like coming here for lunch better than for dinner. The ambiance feels less murky too. And as always, service is great!