What are the chances that the name of an incoming hurricane is a name of a city (among many) that the very same hurricane would hit? Hurricane Florence is forecasted to hit the Carolinas and there is a city in South Carolina that is called Florence. 

What are the odds of that? This is the map of the hurricane tracker from CNN.com as of September 8, 2018. It is forecasted to hit the Carolinas on Thurs., Sept. 13, 2018 (5 days from this post). You can't even see South Carolina that well because that red hurricane marker is covering a lot of it!

As a South Carolina resident, I am very nervous. Last week, this hurricane was just in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and there was no spaghetti graph that showed the possibility that it could hit near here. Now, last night this all changed. It is forecasted to be a Category 4 again as it picks up momentum. 

This is my 5th year living in SC and there has been only one time when it hit my house. That was a Category 1 hurricane and it flooded my neighborhood and prevented me from flying back from the airport. We were stuck in Charlotte, traveling from California. I think Category 4 will be catastrophic! 

There is always a chance it can shift again but even if it shifts a bit north or south, a state of the United States of America still will be hit. #hurricaneflorence

Storm Helene is also not far behind. Welcome to hurricane season.