Even though I don't find out if I got accepted to my particular program of choice for FDTC until 2 months from today, I've been accepted by the school to be able to enroll in general education classes which is a great start! 

Today is when pre-registration starts and I decided to go to FDTC's main campus for the first time to see which classes I can get enrolled in before I find out about my radiology program's decision. The enrollment office was busy! There were about 20 students waiting around to wait for their turn. I signed my name on their waiting list and waited for about 30-45 minutes until my name was called out. I sat down and talked to the advisor for about 5-10 minutes and then I was out the door with 3 classes registered to my list. I'll have to wait until June to find out about my program before I can enroll for my other 2 classes when it gets closer to the first day of school. 

I've got to admit that the advisor I had was very efficient. She asked for my transcript from my last university and judging it within 3 minutes, she was able to figure out which classes I didn't have to take to move onto the next level. I was even more impressed because SDSU's (where I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in 2006) symbols are difference for English classes. They use RWS and the advisor didn't give me any complications there. 

Even though I said "thank you" many times to everyone who has helped me, I still want to write about them here because they were all really caring and helpful.

Also, I also find the tree in front of the 100 building very welcoming. Spring is here at FDTC.