We had an unexpected theme this week at our home. A few days ago my husband and I watched the movie The Butler and felt really moved by the courage of a few who stood up for the millions in order to get equality. One of those figures in the movie is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A couple of days letter, I received a flyer in the mail about a public celebration for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the local university and I felt that I must attend.
It was held at the Chapman Auditorium inside of Francis Marion University in Florence, SC. Their theme was "Celebrating the Legacy, Living the Dream". It is sad that Dr. King never lived to see the dream that he mentioned in his speech but the dream became a reality for all of us. He didn't die in vain and all of his work really paved the way for all of our own dreams. Now it's up to us to live the legacy and continue to stand up for equality when unfairness is in the way. And of course, we do this non-violently. They had a keynote speaker and she was the state representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter. Her speech was very powerful and one line hit me hard and that was "Stop agonizing and start organizing."

A lot of people in this world do more talking, "complaining", than doing something. We are at an advantage compared to the past. We're allowed to do things in America without being judged by our skin color. We are living the American dream and it is up to us to continue to stand up for what is right.