Finally! I found my place for sushi in Florence, SC. Red Bowl sounds like it would be a fast food joint but it's not. It's a nice sit down with a full bar. They have specials for lunch and special combo specials for dinner as well. I've been here 3 times and for all 3 times, I opted in to get sushi and they never disappoint. They're all good so try them all! It's fresh with great ingredients. I also like that they don't overdo on their rice in the sushi portion. It's perfect. They also have stir fried dishes too so it's not just sushi.
 Address is 2417 David H McLeod Boulevard, Florence, SC

I like them so much! I also had my husband buy me togo for dinner. See below for my $11 special.  Yup all of that below for just $11.