We went to the San Jose's Tacos & Tequila restaurant today located at 3410 W. Radio Drive
Florence, SC 29501 and it was surprisingly nice inside. You know they spend a lot of money building the whole place inside and out. The podium was inviting and we were greeted right away by the staff who was waiting in the front. 

When presented with the menu, I was very happy to see that they have California Fish Tacos on the menu. I'm originally from San Diego and I lived on fish tacos growing up! They also have a lobster enchilada dish that I had my eye on as well so my husband agreed to get the California Fish Tacos and I'll get the Lobster Enchiladas so I could give both a try. 

I like how they gave us chips right away upon seating. The service was fast and prompt so you know the team has done this before. We have a suspicion that the old owners of Don Jose opened this one up. 

When our food arrived, the presentation was nice and clean. The California Fish Tacos were fresh and flavorful. However, I wish they would have provided limes with the tacos. I know I could of asked them but I was too hungry and wanted to start digging in right away. 

The Lobster Enchiladas were also fresh but I wasn't a fan of the spicy enchilada sauce they had on top of it. Next time I will ask that they put that sauce on the side if I were to order it again. Overall, it was great! We would come back again. See below for the pictures of our food and other pictures I took of the restaurant.