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Another Great Trip in Columbia, the Capital of South Carolina

Posted by on Wednesday, January 21, 2015,
There was a Beer Fest in Columbia, SC over the weekend so we did a 2 day trip in Columbia, SC. In the past, I've only done single day trips so this was our first time staying overnight and we got to do some more exploring this time around. I am so impressed at how much Columbia is remodeling in downtown and all the businesses seem to be booming, even in the middle of January. Maybe it's because of the beer fest that attracted a lot of tourists/visitors this past weekend but still, I see a pro...
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Pictures of Florence Veterans Park Trail (Connector to Florence Trail System)

Posted by on Wednesday, May 8, 2013,
We went to the Florence Veterans Park Trail (one of the Connectors to Florence Trail System, SC) today and brought our dog along for a nice nature walk. We really enjoyed the memorial park and the trails right by it. It is right by the Civic Center.

It was a beautiful May day. Here are some pictures that we took today at the Florence Veterans Park and the trail. 
We're so proud that the City of Florence did this because my husband is a military veteran.

The Wall with The Oath of Enlistment (the...
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