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Golden Dragon is a good deal but food is really sweet

Posted by on Sunday, January 12, 2014, In : Food 
I like Chinese food but I feel like the Chinese food restaurants around Florence, SC are all overly sweet for my taste. A lot of the dishes are filled with a lot of sweet sauces that make it really overbearing for my palette. Golden Dragon is one of them. I really like how they have the twin dragons in the front and when you come inside of the restaurant, it definitely has a Chinese theme inside.

Besides for the appropriate decor, another great thing about this place is they let you order ...
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My favorite Chinese restaurant in Florence, SC is Jin Jin on Palmetto

Posted by Master Pet on Monday, April 8, 2013,
I really like Chinese food and sometimes after having it so much, I become very picky about my food like I don't like a lot of onions in my fried rice. 

I can always rely on Jin Jin for good Chinese food. Their prices are inexpensive and the shrimp in your entrees are huge! The flavors are amazing and I will go to Jin Jin over buffets any day. Look at what I got below today! All of this for under $13. It's amazing. Their portions are huge. 
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Asian Market in Florence, South Carolina

Posted by on Tuesday, February 12, 2013,
I'm an American but my parents were originally from Vietnam so I grew up in California eating Asian food and California had an abundant of them! Ever since I moved to Florence, I realize if I crave something, I will need to make it myself because they are limited on Asian restaurants around here. 

Fortunately, I discovered there is exactly one (only one) Asian market in Florence. That's enough for me! When I first parked, it looks tiny from the outside but when I stepped in, they had so many d...
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