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Secret Atom Bomb Dropped in Florence, SC

Posted by on Sunday, December 7, 2014,
One of the few fortunate things that I was able to see for myself is the site where the bomb was dropped by the air force. Not a lot of people know about it because there was an article that said that they wanted to keep it a secret. Although the site is somewhat preserved for its history, there is a chance in the future that that site could be replaced with housing. Here are the pictures I took of the site and the bulletin board that someone put there about the history. 

The Florence Morning ...
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Tom Hum or Chinese Lobster can be found at Dim Sum Chinese Restaurant in Charlotte

Posted by Master Pet on Saturday, July 6, 2013,
We found an okay tom hum (Chinese lobster) place in Charlotte, NC. It's not comparable to Santa Ana, California but it fixes the craving. At Dim Sum Chinese Restaurant, you can order fresh lobsters and have them cooked in two styles: either ginger and scallions or Cantonese style. We picked the Cantonese style. It was kind of expensive for their lobsters though. They have one set price of $50.95 for a 2.5lb lobsters the day we came in. Eeek! I remember when I can get 12.99 a lb in Santa Ana b...
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