When I found out this is Thai House 2, I wonder where Thai House 1 is? We came to Thai House 2 to dine for dinner on a Friday evening. It was 5:15pm so it was early and we found parking in front. We were greeted by a man of Thai descent and were the first customers there. We also noticed that there is a sushi bar there. That is the first Thai restaurant I've ever seen with a sushi bar!
(inside of restaurant)
We ordered the shrimp spring rolls for our appetizer, green curry with beef and laab salad for dinner, and the mango coconut rice for dessert. Everything was satisfying but not excellent. The dish that I like the best is the laab salad. We don't know of any other Thai restaurants in the Florence area so we're just happy that there is one here. We would definitely be coming back when we crave for Thai again. The food for the most part tastes like a lot of the meat was frozen before they put it in the pan to cook.

See's a picture of the laab salad I chose with ground chicken.