Tips for Planning Your Grandparents Next Big Birthday Party

When a grandparent, has a milestone birthday approaching, it’s a big deal, and it deserves to be celebrated. Many of our grandparents played an important role in our childhood/lives and have celebrated our birthdays since birth. Now is the time to celebrate our grandparents birthday. The trick to throwing the ultimate ‘big’ birthday is starting your party planning early.

Throwing a birthday party for grandma or grandpa is a great way to make him/her feel like the center of attention, but it will require some advanced planning and creativity. Below are 5 tips for planning your grandparents next big birthday party!

Feature the year of birth

Display a list from the year the guest of honor was born. For instance, a milestone birthday chalkboard makes a great gift or a birthday centerpiece! The chalkboard could list fun facts such as the price of a gallon of milk, the cost of a gallon of gas, a loaf of bread, the president, etc… 

Music and entertainment

A great milestone birthday idea is to keep the mood of the party lively! You can do that simply by hiring an oldies singer to play music during the party. You can request to play some of the favorite songs of the birthday guest of honor, or you can ask them to play some really lively music that would force people to come on the dance floor and not just have fun themselves, but entertain others as well.


Trivia and quizzes in which all the questions in the game can be centered around the life and times of the guest of honor. This can be really fun as it would bring back a lot of memories and some really hilarious stories from the past would get revealed.

Memory Book

Sometimes it is very hard to express our feelings. A simpler way to do this is to create a Birthday Book of Memories. This book will display old pictures of friends, hobbies and/or family photographs. With each picture add a line or two expressing your feelings. Many beautiful memories will surround the birthday guest on this day and months/years to come. The birthday book of memories would be the best gift this birthday!


Try getting creative with the foods you serve. One idea is to pick foods that were popular around the time the birthday gal or guy was young. For instance, pretzels would work well for someone born in the 1930s since the pretzels were first introduced in 1933. Mashed potatoes were introduced in the 1940s, etc… 

The possibilities for a terrific milestone birthday party are endless. In the end, all that matters is that you are there to celebrate an important milestone in the life of someone you love and care about.